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ACMC Balance Center

A multidisciplinary program for the diagnosis and treatment of dizziness and balance disorders which may arise from the central or peripheral vestibular systems. The peripheral vestibular system is a portion of the inner ear involved in the maintenance of balance and gaze stability. The central vestibular system is located in the cerebellum or main balance center of the brain.

A Multidisciplinary Approach to Treat Dizziness and Balance Disorders

ACMC Balance Center utilizes a multidisciplinary team approach to diagnosing and treating dizziness and balance disorders. The specialties of otolaryngology (ENT), audiology and physical therapy have joined forces to determine the patient's source of the dizziness or balance problem, and then develop the best treatment plan. Their comprehensive, coordinated care, the most sophisticated diagnostic testing technology, and the fact that patient's can now have treatment close to home makes the program unique for West Central and Southwest Minnesota.

The Most Sophisticated Diagnostic Testing Technology

There are an array of diagnostic and treatment resources today that can only be found to treat dizziness disorders. The Balance Center brings a wide range of skills including not just our ENT's expertise, but physical therapists and audiologists knowledgeable about vestibular rehabilitation. They offer the latest in testing for the vestibular system including electronystagmography (ENG) and Computerized Dynamic Posturography (CDP). In a large percentage of cases, imbalance and dizziness is caused by the vestibular system, or inner ear. Vestibular rehabilitation is the treatment of imbalance and dizziness. Individualized exercise programs, developed by a physical therapist trained in vestibular rehabilitation, are tailored to the patient's needs, based on the diagnostic test results. It is necessary that you complete the necessary forms and bring them to your first visit at the Balance Center.