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Sports Medicine
The Truth about Concussions
The Important Role of Athletic Trainers
Nutrition and Your Athlete
Mouth Guards: Can They Protect against a Concussion?
Mental Toughness
What You Should Be Doing to Strengthen Your Core
Recovering with Watermelon Juice
Plantar Fasciitis
Can Strong Necks Help Minimize the Risk of Concussions?
Post-Workout Meals
Strength Training for Girls — It's Not Just for Boys
You Are What You Eat: A Guide to Better Nutrition for Athletes
Shin Splints: How to Deal With Them
Supplements: Sorting Out Their Necessity
When to Rub on That Pain Reliever
Things You May Not Know about ACL Injuries
The Best Defense is a Good Offense: Eating a Proper Diet When Sidelined by Injury
Packing Protein — A Guide to Protein Drinks
Dealing with Muscle Spasms
Your Treatment Plan for Dislocated Shoulders
When ACL Injuries Require Surgery
Why Athletes Should Focus on Core Strength
When is it Okay to Treat at Home?
Say Goodbye to Muscle Cramps
Ouch! Your Hamstring Strain Fix
The Growing Concern About Sports Concussions in Athletes
Don't Let the Heat Get the Best of You: Preventing Heat Injury & Exhaustion
Why Pre-Season Conditioning is More Important than You Think
What Knee Pain in Children May Mean
To Stress or Not to Stress: What to Do to Treat a Stress Fracture
Stay in Shape! Safe Exercises for the Out-of-Season Athlete
Tips for Getting Back in the Game
When Rotator Cuff Conditioning is Necessary
What are Shin Splints & How to Treat Them
Muscle Strains in the Thigh
How to Treat Runner's Knee
Common Injuries in Throwing Athletes
What is the Female Athlete Triad
What is a Sports Hernia & How to Manage One
Overuse Injuries in Children
Finding the Right Athletic Shoe
Winter Activity Injury Prevention
What is Sports Medicine
When to Ice and When to Heat
Benefits of Stretching
What are Shin Splints?
The Difference Between a Sprain and a Strain
Treating and Caring for Concussions
Treating Skin Abrasions
Environmental Concerns in the Fall/Winter
Dealing with Muscle Cramps
Managing a Two-a-Day
Importance of Concussion Education
Treating Sore Muscles
Nutrition to Get You Through the Summer
Importance of Sports Physicals
The Benefits of Joint Replacement
The Former Athlete: Getting Back in the Game
Prevention of Overuse Injuries
When to Treat at Home
Common Shoulder Injuries: Prevention and Treatment
Environmental Issues
How to Treat a Pulled Muscle
When to Get Stitches
Importance of Core Strength
Proper Warm-Up
Fast Food for Athlete
ACL Injuries – What is an ACL injury and how to Prevent One
Common Skin Infections
Benefits of Braces
Returning to Sports After Illness or the Flu
How to Treat a Minor Ankle Sprain
Keeping Kids Safe during Spring Activities