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11/22/16 - ACMC Health & Rice Memorial Hospital Invests in the Most Sensitive Cancer Imaging System on the Market

Rice Memorial Hospital and ACMC Health announces its investment in new technology that can help doctors better understand, track and treat cancer patients. With GE Healthcare's Discovery* IQ PET/CT system, the most sensitive cancer imaging system on the market,1 Rice Memorial Hospital and ACMC Health clinicians can pinpoint small tumors and lesions due to the high sensitivity of the PET technology. The aim of this product is to continuously improve diagnostic confidence for referring physicians and patients. Patients can also expect to be scanned quickly and efficiently on Discovery IQ, which enables both half the PET dose and half the scan time.2 Fast scans are helpful for elderly or sick patients whom cannot hold still for a long time. Lower injected dose is a consideration for every patient, especially young patients with curable cancer.

The Discovery IQ system is primarily used to scan cancer patients and it uses intelligent quantitation (IQ) to quantify changes in tumors and diseases. Quantitation can help clinicians detect cancer early and understand whether patients are responding to their current treatments. With those insights, clinicians can optimize treatment paths and tailor the appropriate therapy regimens according to patients' unique needs.

Cancer clinicians no longer have to choose between high image quality and quantitative measurements that help them diagnose and monitor tumors. Discovery IQ features Q.Clear technology that provides two times improvement in both image quality and quantitative accuracy.3 This new technology provides clinicians with both the outstanding image quality they need to make a confident cancer diagnosis and measurements that can help track treatment progress.

Discovery IQ can correct for some patient motion inside the scanner and is mobile-ready, so it can be accessible to more patients in more places. This system is a long-term investment that will allow Rice Memorial Hospital to upgrade as patients' needs change over the years. This demonstrates our continued commitment to providing superior cancer care to patients now and in the future.

*Trademark of General Electric Company

1Discovery IQ delivers the highest NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers Association) sensitivity (up to 22 cps/kBq)

2Comparing Discovery IQ 5 ring to a Discovery IQ 3 ring

3Q.Clear technology provides two times improvement in image quality (SNR) in PET/CT imaging and quantitative accuracy (SUVmean)