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12/12/16 - ACMC-Marshall Surgery Center Sets Quality Standards in Patient Care

The ACMC-Marshall Surgery Center (MSC) has been recognized for its participation in the GI Quality Improvement Consortium (GIQuIC), a national quality improvement registry for colonoscopy services. Four physicians are voluntarily submitting data to improve and ensure the highest quality of care for MSC patients. Physicians participating in the program include Steven Meister, MD, Family Medicine, Joe Willett, DO, Internal Medicine, Steven Kidd, MD, General Surgery, and Charles Ulrich, MD, Gastroenterology.

Pictured Left to Right: Andy Mitlyng, RN, Dr. Ulrich, Mary Lensing, RN, Dr. Steven Kidd, Dr. Joe Willett, & Dr. Steven Meister.

GIQuIC, provides national benchmarks of reliable and relevant quality measurements, giving physicians meaningful information to improve colonoscopy care. Physicians are measured based on how well they are able to see the entire colon, their ability to find growths and polyps, and the reporting of any complications during the procedure.

Through GIQuIC, physicians are able to compare their results to peers on a local, regional and national scale. MSC is one of four healthcare centers in the state of Minnesota volunteering data to GIQuIC. MSC's Mary Lensing, RN, is tracking and reporting data of colonoscopies completed at the surgery center. Current data shows MSC is meeting and exceeding national guidelines in the percentage of findings in both men and women.

The addition of data reporting to the improvement registry is another way that ACMC's Marshall Surgical Center is committed to the highest quality standards. "By being a program participant our goal is to improve clinical outcomes and provide quality results," said Andy Mitlyng, RN, ACMC-Marshall Surgery Center Manger. The Marshall Surgery Center is designed exclusively for outpatient surgical procedures specifically centered on patient needs.