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Colleen's Physical Therapy Story

"When I began experiencing pain and losing my confidence, I knew who to trust."

"I knew who to trust"

Carrying herself with confidence is important to Colleen. Although she didn't suffer a traumatic fall or accident, she found herself in considerable pain from normal wear and tear on her body. "Eventually the pain didn't allow me to walk," Colleen explained. "For a few days, I couldn't do much of anything and even had to use a walker." Fortunately, Colleen said, "I knew who to trust with my problem.

"A great bond made my decision easy"

In 2000, she first worked with ACMC Physical Therapist, Jim Andresen while recovering from back surgery and has been seeing him off and on ever since. Colleen explained, "My bond with Jim made my decision to return to therapy easy. There is a great deal of assurance in Jim. We have gotten to know each other and we are interested in each other's profession," Colleen explained. Colleen is the retired President of Ridgewater College where she had also taught English and Speech Communication.

Over time, Jim and Colleen have created a bond that makes their sessions together enjoyable. "When you get to know people well, they return because you have developed a good relationship," Jim said. "I enjoy getting to know how they live and what they are expecting out of life."

"I got a careful push from a trusted friend"

When Colleen began her therapy, Jim's goal was to help her regain functional strength so she could go back to her normal activities. But Colleen admitted that she had concerns this time. Was it going to be too hard? Will I get pushed too far? Her doubts were quickly erased when she saw the plan set out for her by Jim, who now felt more like a trusted friend than a therapist. "What you learn very quickly, is that Jim, or whichever physical therapist you see here, will carefully push you—but never so far that you are in pain," Colleen said. "That's the great part, they are careful know exactly how far to go."

"My confidence was restored once again"

When building a program for Colleen and other patients, Jim considers all factors. "The goals we set for older patients are going to be different than those we set for a 20-year-old," Jim said. "We evaluate how much that person can tolerate, then consider their age, motivation and what they are hoping to achieve."

Colleen's time in therapy under Jim's care once again restored her confidence and gave her the results she needed. "I always felt we would get to a good point, and my confidence was restored," Colleen said with a smile.