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Donna's Physical Therapy Story

"I'm happily healing thanks to the help from Eddie and the ACMC team."

"I woke up in a lot of pain."

In August of 2015, Donna went camping with her husband and friends at Buffalo Ridge in Gary, SD. Although she doesn't recall much of the incident, a fall out of her camper left Donna unconscious and with her shoulder greatly damaged. "I don't really remember hitting the ground," Donna said. "I just remember waking up in a lot of pain."

The fall left Donna with a severe shoulder injury; including a torn rotator cuff, two torn ligaments and damage to her labrum and bicep. After having surgery to repair her shoulder, Donna began physical therapy where she worked with several of the ACMC's therapists including physical therapy assistant, Eddie Arndorfer.

"My road to recovery has been long and challenging."

Donna and Eddie worked together frequently and knew of each other from when she worked in the lab and neurology areas at ACMC before her retirement. Donna and Eddie's families are also close. In fact, Eddie's father and stepmother were camping with Donna when the fall occurred.

The road to recovery has been long for Donna as several challenges including a frozen shoulder and shingles have slowed her progress. Despite these setbacks, Donna continues to prevail as she slowly regains her mobility and strength.

"Eddie helped me restore function to my shoulder."

"If you look back to where she began, Donna didn't have function in her shoulder at all, but now she has gained her flexibility and strength back," Eddie said. "She isn't quite back to doing everything she could before her injury, but we are working together towards that goal."

"I've always been successful at ACMC."

This is not the first time Donna has been treated by the ACMC physical therapy team. She was also seen for injuries in her hand and back. In each instance, Donna has been overjoyed with the care she received and the results achieved. "Everyone has done great things for me," Donna said. "Every time I've come here I've had success."

As her recovery process comes to an end, Donna is happily healing thanks to Eddie and the team at ACMC. After months of working with Eddie, Donna looks forward to trading in physical therapy for time around the campfire next summer.