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Judy's Physical Therapy Story

"I'm grateful for Sadie's help in overcoming the problems I've struggled with for so many years."

"I overdid it and things got bad, quickly."

In the Spring of 2016, Judy moved from Starbuck, MN to Marshall to be closer to her children and grandchildren. During the move, Judy began experiencing intense headaches that affected her daily. "I think during the move I overdid it and things got really bad, quickly," Judy recalled.

After visiting with her doctor, an MRI revealed that Judy had occipital nerve irritation in her neck. This prompted two injections to be done in an attempt to alleviate the pain. Unfortunately, the injections offered only temporary relief and Judy began to find her headaches returning and her balance beginning to suffer.

"I couldn't believe how fast my balance improved."

It was then that a friend suggested she visit ACMC's Balance Center in Willmar. "My friend told me about the program when my balance was off," Judy recalled. "So I made an appointment and I couldn't believe how fast my balance improved!"

Starting in July, Judy traveled to Willmar from Marshall to work with physical therapist, Sadie Enberg. Working with physical therapist Tami Kobiena, Sadie was overseeing patients in preparation for her transition to the new ACMC-Marshall physical therapy department.

"Sadie moving to Marshall was the perfect arrangement for us both!"

When the time came for Sadie to relocate to ACMC-Marshall, Judy made the transition as well. "I was excited when I found out Sadie was coming to Marshall," Judy said. "It was the perfect arrangement for us both."

Sadie was also thrilled to have a familiar face on her schedule as she began seeing patients in the new physical therapy area in Marshall. "We started the department from scratch and Judy was my one carryover patient I had from Willmar," Sadie explained. "It was nice to have a little piece of familiarity during my move. Whenever I saw her on my schedule I was very excited."

With decreased balance and intense headaches, Sadie was eager to develop a treatment plan that helped Judy overcome her obstacles. Sadie had discovered that the headaches were originating from tightness in Judy's neck, related to stress and posture issues. "We worked to retrain those muscles and it helped take pressure off the nerve which improved her headaches," Sadie explained.

"The headaches made it difficult to do my job."

As a teaching assistant, Judy spends a great deal of time grading papers. This task became difficult with the reoccurring headaches which she suffered from regularly. "The headaches were like migraines, I couldn't even function," Judy remembered. "Now the only time I get them is when I do something to irritate my neck, otherwise I can get through the day pretty well."

Judy also appreciates how Sadie taught her how to manage the tightness in her neck if it begins to bother her. "She now feels more comfortable managing her condition on her own," Sadie said. "But she knows I am here as a resource if she ever needs it."

As a therapist, Sadie feels great accomplishment from her time spent with Judy. "You could really see the changes in her as she learned the exercises and how they were making a difference in her life," Sadie explained. "She would come in and be so excited about only having one headache that week and finally having some control over her condition."

"I no longer have to fear the unknown."

Judy is also grateful for Sadie's help in overcoming the problems she had struggled with for so many years. "I am happy to finally have a solution and no longer have to fear the unknown," Judy said. "Sadie made me feel comfortable and she was always straight with me."

Although their time together in therapy has come to an end, Judy and Sadie have still found time to connect. Judy's granddaughter recently had a volleyball game in Sadie's hometown. "I had to run across the gym to say hi when I saw her," Sadie recalled. "She is one of those patients that will definitely stick with me so it's fun seeing her out and about."

Now with the tools needed to control her balance and headaches, Judy is eager to get back to her routine at school and with her family.