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Karla's Physical Therapy Story

"Amanda made me feel less like a patient and more like a friend."

"After surgery, I was sore and didn't know what to expect."

An accidental slip on wet floors brought Karla to ACMC's Physical Therapy Team. Karla was mopping at work when her feet suddenly came up from under her. Putting her right hand down to block the fall, Karla jarred her shoulder and tore her rotator cuff.

After having surgery to repair her shoulder, Karla began visiting Amanda Buckingham, an ACMC Physical Therapist. Because this was Karla's first major injury, the physical therapy process was unfamiliar to her. "After surgery I was a little apprehensive because my arm was really sore," Karla said. "I didn't know what to expect from therapy."

"My bond with Amanda felt more like a friend."

Amanda worked with Karla on an intense two-month, three-days per-week recovery program with the goal of returning her back to work without restrictions. During that process, Karla found a bond that made her feel less like a patient and more like a friend.

It didn't take long for Karla to realize that the therapy process wasn't going to be so bad, thanks to Amanda. "I knew I could do it right away," Karla said. "Amanda made me feel really comfortable. If something didn't feel right we would take it easy, yet always continue encouraging me to strive for the next step."

"Our sessions went quickly because we enjoyed each other's company."

In the beginning, Amanda worked through passive motions on Karla's shoulder, which gave them lots of time to chat. "Karla is really easy going and we just hit it off," Amanda said. "It was like talking to a friend, which made working together comfortable and easy."

Many of their sessions were spent discussing family, including Amanda's recent marriage and the upcoming wedding of Karla's son. Amanda even ended up loaning an umbrella to Karla for the big day. "Our sessions went quickly because we visited the whole time," Karla said. "That was a win for both of us because we enjoyed each other's company."

"I reached my goal of returning to work."

As Karla's physical therapy program progressed, she has made gradual improvements to remain on track for full recovery. Although she isn't ready to swing a golf club yet, Karla is thrilled with the pain relief she gained from therapy with Amanda. Most importantly, Karla reached her goal of returning back to work with no restrictions and is much more cautious about wet floors! She hopes to stay in touch with her friend Amanda, just not under the same circumstances!