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Weight Loss Success Story – Andrew

In 2012, Andrew and his wife decided to plan a trip to the United Kingdom. Going on a trip like this meant a lot of walking, and weighing in at 365 pounds, walking was already difficult for him. Preparing for the vacation was the motivation Andrew needed to focus on losing weight.

In the past Andrew had tried many other weight loss plans which provided quick results, but never long-term success. This time he decided to place a call to Dr. Peggy Johnson with ACMC's Bariatric & Weight Control Center. With help from the ACMC team, meal planning and tracking became a new habit for Andrew, and when it was time to travel to Europe, he had lost 40 pounds!

However, after they returned from vacation, Andrew hit a wall with his weight loss. He would gain a few pounds, lose a few pounds. His bloodwork showed he had prediabetes and he wasn't sure what his next steps should be.

In January 2016, he talked with Dr. Johnson and she put him on an appetite suppressant as a tool to boost his confidence and get him back into a healthy eating mindset. By January 2017, Andrew had lost 88 pounds and was able to go off the appetite suppressant. He was concerned about gaining the weight back, but with Dr. Johnson's guidance Andrew continued to lose weight without the use of medication.

"This journey hasn't been easy, but I feel great and better than ever," said Andrew. "Now I'm walking two miles each day and I continue to enjoy foods in moderation and track what I eat. My family has been supportive and has cheered me on every step of the way."