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Weight Loss Success Story – Ann

LIFE CHANGING! Two words that sum up Ann's weight loss journey.

In 2016, Ann had reached her highest weight of 249 pounds with a BMI of 42. She knew she needed to exercise but couldn't because of her weight issues.

She had a difficult time walking because her back and hip hurt. It was also hard to go biking because she was so out of shape. In addition to not exercising, she was pre-diabetic. She knew she had to make a change.

With guidance from Dr. Peggy Johnson at ACMC's Bariatrics & Weight Control Center, she made the decision to have gastric bypass surgery in June 2016. Immediately after surgery she began walking short distances and within two weeks she was out biking. One year later she has lost 110 pounds and her BMI has dropped to 24. She's also no longer pre-diabetic.

Ann continues to walk and bike for exercise and has now taken up kayaking. "I am enjoying my new life of healthy eating and healthy living. I have a lot of energy and feel incredible. This truly has been a life changing experience for me," said Ann.