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Weight Loss Success Stories – Patricia

Patricia's Dad was diabetic and when she learned that she was diagnosed as prediabetic, she knew she had to make some serious changes so she didn't go through what her Dad had gone through.

At 241 pounds with a BMI of 42, Patricia made the important decision to have weight loss surgery. It has been more than a year since her weight loss surgery and Patricia is down to 168 pounds and has decreased her BMI to just under 30.

"If I had to give someone advice who was concerned about weight loss surgery — or even had a fear of dying during weight loss surgery…I would tell them that they have a much greater chance of dying from being obese and all the medical conditions related to obesity."

I am more active than I ever was before — and I am really enjoying being active! My energy level has increased tremendously. I am able to ride a bike for 60 minutes at a time! Or I can go to the mall walking. I used to wheeze when I walked before, but I no longer have to worry about that. Now my daughter has to keep up with me!"