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Surgical Weight Loss - The Process

STEP 1 – Register to attend a free Bariatric Surgery Informational Meeting

  • Call 320-214-6966 to register or online at www.acmc.com/weightloss/request
  • Complete the Bariatric Surgery Intake Packet provided at meeting
  • Verify insurance coverage
  • Mail information to:

STEP 2 – Medically-Supervised Weight Loss Program

  • Make EVALUATION appointment at:
    • ACMC-Willmar Skylark Center: (320) 214-6222 or (800) 225-6580
    • ACMC-Marshall: (507) 532-1101 or (866) 532-9631
  • Most insurance companies require at least 6 months participation in a medically-supervised weight loss program before you are able to qualify for surgery
  • Attend monthly appointments
  • Follow goals set by physician or advanced practice practitioner and yourself

STEP 3 – Appointment with Bariatric Case Manager

  • Review health history
  • Receive surgical education
  • Appointments will be scheduled for psychiatric evaluation, sleep study, and Rice Memorial Hospital financial counseling

STEP 4 – Surgeon Visit

  • Review health history
  • Review surgical process
  • Opportunity to discuss and ask questions with the surgeon

STEP 5 – Insurance Approval

  • After surgeon's approval all preauthorization information will be sent to your insurance company

STEP 6 – Attend Culinary Class, Education Class and Support Group Meeting

  • Attend five hour culinary and education class given by members of our multidisciplinary team
  • Attend one hour support group meeting giving you the opportunity to network and ask questions of peers who have had the surgery

STEP 7 – Surgery

  • Hospital stay at Rice Memorial Hospital is 2 days on average following surgery

STEP 8 – Follow-Up Care

  • Our multidisciplinary team looks forward to working with you in reaching and maintaining your health goals. Compliance to a follow up schedule is very important to your weight loss success. Regular follow up visits are essential to helping you achieve your personal and health goals and will help us evaluate your compliance with lifestyle changes. There are also monthly support groups to attend as part of your follow-up care.